The Ancalion Resistance

What Happened? 03-19-2017

MuthahFuckah's Log

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So. I forgot to log anything last time. Highlight: we killed some vamps because they sparkled. 

  • After saving Rod-Rick we met back up at Cru's for a short rest while he made sure we didn't accidentally start a war. We didn't (damn..) 
  • I'm not sure if you guys realized that Roderick and me were best friends, but we are. He loves me the most. And to prove it, he gave me his BAG OF MOTHER FUCKING HOLDING. Side note: It's not actually called the "Bag of 'Mother Fucking' Holding". Just the "Bag of Holding".
  • Cru then sent a ridiculous amount of gold to take care of the boat. Yoo Hoo! Love that guy. 
  • Then we teleported to the bottom of the mountain where we found his black powder shop smashed. 
  • Working our way up the mountain, we found another outpost that was smashed with a dead dwarf in the rubble. Aseir thought it'd be a good idea to bring him back to life and ask him a few questions. First and most importantly, his name was Ballin'. literally. He didnt say much else other than he and his garrison were attacked "from below". 
  •  "Oh shit! Someone cut the bridge!" "Wait, why is Sanchin jumping off the ledge? I mean yeah it'll be difficult to cross, but there's no need to be so dramat… OH SHIT HE CAN FLY". Yup. Hellboy has wings. Cue the synchronized panty drop all over Ancalion. Sup, Bim. 
  •  Next, some lil ass yeti's are tryin to be slick just lurkin round the corner. Luckily, we have air support now. In an epic moment of unexpected brilliance, I grab some bombs, Sachin grabs me, we fly over head and slow-mo blitzkrieg those mother fuckers. They explode, bursting into flames as a faint "yoo hoo" cackles in the background. 
  • Under-rated moment: Briza rides Charlie (lucky), circling the yeti's as she shoots two pitched soaked arrows at the yeti's engulfing them into flames and killing one of them. 
  • We finally make it to the Dwarven settlement (I asked for the name of their settlement, but forgot to write it down), and use Cru's nobility superpower to get us in. 
  • Aseir goes invisible and starts looking around the abandoned city for someone to talk to, while the rest of us are led to where the people to talk to are. He started playing some killer music, it was just for the wrong/no audience. I'm sure if the guard was off duty he woulda jammed along with it. Oh well. 
  • Back to the rest of us. Good news: Fam came through. Bad news: no one has heard from them in weeks. They pissed someone off though (classic), because the baddies came through and kidnapped this towns chieften. Big Deal. Dwarves were pissed at fam, but Skizzard's silk words convinced them that we could get the big guy back. 
  • but there's only one real mission
  • not the chief
  • not the dragon eggs
  • it's to save my family

Never empty handed,

MF Jones


gabriel_allen54 MFJones

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