The Ancalion Resistance

What happened? 1-10-2017

MuthahFuckah's Log

What happened
- got to the city. Docked the boat for 2 days. #23
- POTIONS ARE EXPENSIVE – try haggling
- Mary "jumped" off roof and died. (Brains EVERYWHERE)
- she had rope marks on her ankles and wrists and there were another set of foot prints on the roof 
- we told the guard captain and he might get in touch with us at our boat. 
- also found son that was set up to look like a hanging but was actually attacked by someone
- his mom sent him a key that he kept from the bad guy, but he got an imprint
- the key goes to the university
- Mary worked for an old librarian/collector who was getting an ancient scroll that speeds up aging process (probably the target) 
- he were followed by a humunculous that we killed
- briza/Azzir/MF went to search for a key maker (Saul)
- Saul was being held hostage and forced to make a key from the imprint by the bad guy. 
- Briza waited behind(?) while Azz and MF broke in. 
- threw down a smoke bomb and barreled through MF and got away 
-Skizz and Sanchin went to the university to find someone who could set up a meeting with the old dude.
- former professor MIGHT? Idk


gabriel_allen54 MFJones

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