The Ancalion Resistance

What Happened? 04-04-2017

MuthahFuckah's Log

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to the evil vampire liar we go.
Into the mine, one step at a time.
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho.

So, last time Skizz the Wiz burned bunch of goblins alive, while the rest of us killed a basilisk. That was cool, but my family wasn't there. 

Being the indomitable hero I am, I decided it would be best to go further into the infested mine to search for the prisoners. (And the dragon eggs, I guess). BUT SOME OF US WANTED TO STAY BEHIND AND LOOK FOR TREASURE INSTEAD. Idk if they were scared or what, but they insisted on hanging back.

As Crue, SanShin, Aseir, and I BRAVELY continued forth, UNKNOWING OF THE DANGERS AHEAD WHILE BRIZA AND SKIZZARD STAYED BEHIND IN SAFETY, we came across some pretty bad ass looking doors and decided to leave Aseir behind cause he's blind and would cause a ruckus. 

In all honesty, none of it really mattered since they all caught up to us anyway without any trouble. 

So as we were wandering around in the dark, skizzard had the great idea of tracking where we were by drawing a map. Survival skillz. We took some twists and turns and eventually came to a former area of worship that was absolutely trashed. Skizzard noticed a rune of some sort on the ground that, if stepped on, would trigger some sort of alarm system. He also knew how to disarm it. He's so smart. Sanshin smashed some rocks to disarm it. He's so strong. 

THEN WE FOUND A SECRET ROOM WITH A BUNCH OF TREASURES AND I GOT STUFF AND BRIZA GOT SOME STUFF AND SKIZZARD GOT SOME STUFF and sanshin got an old statue of a god. (But more importantly: I found mithrial armor)

While we were in the room, Crue felt a disturbance in the force up ahead. We booked it up there to find 3 DwermerDrugar*somethingsomethingIdonthavemynotes* I HEROICALLY JUMPED INTO BATTLE SLICING ONE OPEN AND SHOUTING THE OTHER TO DEATH

The third one was rather…large… but had decided it wasn't his fight and supuku'd out of there. There was much rejoicing. Until we realized that glyph from earlier was carved into his chest and he alerted the rest of the cave of our presence. The Evil Dwarves (actual names) has some crazy shit written on their arms, so we scribbled that down and ducked out of there. 

We currently are headed deeper into the cave. On the run. On the hunt. Someone is going to die today. 

Never empty handed,

MF Jones  


gabriel_allen54 MFJones

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